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Geo-distributed MapReduce


Data are increasingly generated and stored in a geographically distributed manner. Examples range from Web applications such as social media sites and the content delivery networks (CDNs) that serve their content, all the way to distributed sensors in mobile devices such as smartphones and embedded devices such as those for climate monitoring. Each of these uses generates a large volume of data in a geographically distributed manner.

To extract knowledge from this data, many applications need to efficiently analyze and process this geo-distributed data, and often the resources available for this computation are also geographically distributed. As a result, we need to determine how to employ distributed resources to efficiently process geo-distributed data.


Image of purely centralied approach

At one extreme, distributed data inputs can be sent to a single central data center for processing, but this might be prohibitely slow or excessively costly in terms of bandwidth or in terms of the need to fit all data in one location.

Image of purely distributed approach

At the other extreme, computation can be mapped onto the input data in situ, yielding intermediate results that typically require further aggregation in order to compute a final result. If this intermediate data volume is larger than the input data volume, than this aggregation might be more costly than moving the data to a central site in the first place.

Indeed neither of these extremes is the right answer in all cases. Instead, the best approach typically lies somewhere along the continuum between the two extremes.


We have used MapReduce as a vehicle to explore this spectrum and develop techniques to determine task and data placement in order to reduce MapReduce job execution time. This work falls into three categories:


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