Distributed Computing Systems Group


Poster on Decentralized Distributed Deep Learning in Heterogeneous WAN Environments presented at SoCC 2018.

Poster on TTL-based Approach for Data Aggregation in Geo-Distributed Streaming Analytics presented at OSDI 2018.

Multi-Query Optimization in Wide-Area Streaming Analytics paper accepted in SoCC 2018.

Dynamically Negotiating Capacity between On-Demand and Batch Clusters paper accepted in SC 2018.

Rethinking Adaptability in Wide-Area Stream Processing Systems paper accepted in HotCloud 2018.

Locality-Aware Load Sharing in Mobile Cloud Computing paper accepted in UCC 2017.

The source code for Wiera, our geo-distributed storage system, is released. [download]

Ensuring Reliability in Geo-Distributed Edge Cloud paper accepted in RWS 2017.

Nebula: Distributed Edge Cloud for Data Intensive Computing paper accepted in TPDS 2017.

TripS: Automated Multi-tiered Data Placement in a Geo-distributed Cloud Environment paper accepted in SYSTOR 2017.

Trading Timeliness and Accuracy in Geo-Distributed Streaming Analytics paper accepted SoCC 2016.

End-to-End Optimization for Geo-Distributed MapReduce paper accepted in TCC 2016.

Wiera: Towards Flexible Multi-Tiered Geo-Distributed Cloud Storage Instances paper accepted in HPDC 2016.

Awan: Locality-aware Resource Manager for Geo-distributed Data-intensive Applications paper accepted in IC2E 2016.

Elastic Job Bundling: An Adaptive Resoure Request Stategy for Larget-Scale Parallel Applications paper accepted in SC15.

Enabling Scalable Social Group Analytics via Hypergraph Analysis Systems paper accepted in HotCloud '15.

Redefining Data Locality for Cross-Data Center Storage paper accepted in BigSystem 2015.

Optimizing Grouped Aggregation in Geo-Distributed Streaming Analytics paper accepted in HPDC 2015.

Towards Optimizing Wide-Area Streaming Analytics paper presented at the 2nd IEEE Workshop on Cloud Analytics.

Cross-Phase Optimization in MapReduce book chapter published.

Cloud-Based, User-Centric Mobile Application Optimization accepted to IC2E 2015.

Tiera: Towards Flexible Multi-Tiered Cloud Storage Instances accepted in Middleware 2014.

End-to-End MapReduce optimization paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

Ajay Raghavan defends his MS Plan B. To join Nutanix - a cloud/storage company.

Mobile/Cloud optimization paper presented at MobileCloud 2014.

Nebula paper presented at IC2E 2014.

Nebula demo video added to DCS website.

Tiera Technical Report released.

Cloud-based Mobile optimization paper accepted at IEEE Mobile Cloud 2014.

Nebula paper accepted at IEEE IC2E 2014.

New DCSG website goes live!

DCSG Presents posters at the Computer Science & Engineering Open House.

Wide-area Streaming Analytics: Distributing the Data Cube awarded Best Student Poster Award at ACM SoCC 2013.

Streaming Analytics poster accepted at ACM SoCC 2013.

Beyond Graphs: Toward Scalable Hypergraph Analysis Systems presented at the SIGMETRICS Big Data Analytics Workshop.

Cross-Phase Optimization in MapReduce presented at IEEE IC2E